Submission Rules

  1. The car in question must feature a fully electric drivetrain. I am honestly super impressed by your KERS hybrid - love it, send me info - it won't be posted on the site.
  2. You may submit for yourself or others. If submitting for others, please include all of the required data.
  3. All times must be obtained by transponder or GPS. Photos of AIM Solo or Garmin Catalyst are ok by me.

Submitting a Lap

  1. The most efficient way to submit a track record is through this Google form.
  2. For internet points you can also submit via the Facebook group EV Track Records. See the info requirements below to submit with your post.
  3. If neither of those work for you or if your track record is not getting posted to the site fast enough for your liking, please email me at steven@emotive.engineering.
  4. Ok, true nerd friends. Submit a pull request on GitHub.

Data Points

Please include the following data. Those marked with * are optional.

  • Driver:
  • Track and Configuration:
  • Lap Time:
  • Date:
  • Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
  • Car Name:*
    • Does your car have a cool name or is it perhaps a shop car?
  • Tire and Wheel Combo:
    • example: 295/35R18 Yokohama Advan A052 / Aspira AF-10 18x10.5 +30
  • Data Link:
    • Timing and scoring sheets from event organizers are perfect. All times should be acquired by transponder or GPS data. Mobile apps are acceptable. Just need you to reputably prove it. Please include how time was acquired.
  • Video Link:*
  • Competition Class:* Time Attack Class when set, if applicable. ex: Enthusiast, SLB 2021
  • Instagram Username:*
  • Photo Link:*
  • Build Thread or Mod List:*


One of the first things I used to do when I went to learn a new track is look for the Spec Miata track record and the accompanying video. Then came the Miata Track Records page, which gave me stretch goals in my lowly stock motor NB.

I want the same resource for EVs and would love to build a list of who is who in the community. What times are the local hotshoes running in their Model 3 Performance? Has Randy Pobst lapped that track in a Model S Plaid? How crazy close to a wall will Sasha from Mountain Pass Performance send it? And as more and more EVs come to market, will they be able to best the Model 3 Performance?

Acknowledgements / Colophon